Friday, November 18, 2011

Review: The Naam

When my friend from Boston came, I really wanted to take her to veg places I had never been as well, acting as a vegan tourist in my own city. There are so many great places in parts of the city I don't usually hang out in, so I thought this was an great opportunity to head out there and grab some delicious vegan grub.

It was late and cold, so what better place to get some veg food than at the Naam restaurant. I've spoken to both Leila and Glen, the owners, before, and I figured if the restaurant was even a half as fabulous as they are, then it must be fantastic.

Located in the prestigious Kitsilano area of Vancouver, BC, the Naam is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the city, with an expected number of people lined up outside every night.

I've been meaning to go here for awhile, so I was glad that when we were hanging out at Calhoun's (a 24 hours cafe one street over), that I thought of the idea to head over to the Naam for dinner. Looking at the menu online makes me drool.

After waiting in the line for less than 20 minutes, my friend and I got a great spot by the window. I
already had looked at the menu prior so I knew what I wanted to order. The waitress and hostess was super nice, and although extremely loud, the Naam has a great atmosphere.

For an appetizer, my friend and I attempted to order a vegan poutine. And although an interesting take, it wasn't the traditional poutine I was hoping for (pictured above right). Soft potato wedges with melted mozza daiya, with a side of the signature miso gravy. I wasn't the biggest fan of the gravy, but I'm always a fan of daiya.

I was in the mood for some kind of ramen, so I ordered the Asian Noodle Bowl. Packed with deep fried tofu, bean sprouts, mushrooms, red pepper, broccoli, and ramen noodles, the dish was everything I was hoping it to be. Filling, flavourful, and not at all too salty. I have this horrible habit of often ordering the worst thing on a great menu, but this was definitely not the case. A 5 out of 5 for the Noodle Bowl.
The menu stretches far beyond though, with everything from Burritos and burgers, to shakes and cakes, everything containing egg and dairy is clearing marked, and practically everything can be made vegan.

Their signature dessert is their apple pie... so I wasn't going to leave without trying it. Although stuffed, it was totally worth it to get the pie. Warm and crunchy with full almonds and a side of coconut ice-cream, this apple pie is a magnificent treasure served in an un-traditional fashion - baked in it's own mini casserole dish.

Oh. Did I mention they're open 24 hours? Yea. This succulent menu is available even at 2 in the morning.
I love the Naam, and can't wait to go there once again. A Vancouver Vegan MUST.

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