Friday, January 6, 2012

Recipe: Easy Garlic Dill Dressing/Sauce

So, I was looking for a quick, easy and delicious vegan sauce. I also found out it was a good warm dressing.

1 tbsp Vegan Margarine (Earth Balance is what I used)
2 teaspoons of Nutritional Yeast (or more if you want it cheezier!)
1 tsp of Dill (I love my dill)
2/4 tsp of powdered Garlic
2/3 tsp of Almond Milk

I honestly just microwaved mine for some quick! Mix and enjoy! As you see above, I put it on brown rice pasta for lunch, but I did it on a cucumber slaw salad for dinner and it was sooo good.

Easy and yummy! Sometimes, that's very much needed.

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  1. I can't wait to whip that sauce up, it sounds amazing!!!