Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review: Santa Cruz - Saturn Cafe

   Santa Cruz: The Saturn Café

My friend recommended this place, remember that it had a tasty vegetarian/ vegan menu. It took forever to get a table, but when I saw the menu, I knew it would be worth it. VEGAN BREAKFAST ALL DAY! This was definitely what I wanted for dinner. 
    We ordered a half-size Vegan Nacho order for an appetizer. This was massive for a half order, and had everything in it – black beans, gauc, veg-cheese, tomatoes, olives, jalapenos. 
    For my main meal I ordered the French toast with a tofu scramble on the side and their home-fries. The scramble was a tad pathetic, but it tasted good with the French toast, so I didn’t mind. The toast was amazing though! It tasted like the real thing on a great multigrain loaf. I enjoyed the home-fries as well, but only found them interesting slathered in maple-syrup (mmm). 
    My friend got the banana pancakes, and those were fantastic. With banana baked right in, as well as on top, these were full of rich flavor. They were fluffy and full of walnuts as well. I was so full by the end, but it was certainly worth it. In retrospect, this place was actually pretty cheap, as my fries, toast, and scramble only came out to 10 bucks.
I recommend this place for anyone wanted a great cheap vegan eat in Santa Cruz. I know I would definitely head over there again!

    Another jem in Santa Cruz is New Leaf, their natural food store. It had amazing vegan options, and even a deli with vegan items. I managed to find MORE vegan gum there, as well as a few flavours of vegan jerky which are certainly interesting to say the least. I enjoyed looking around in here. It has the feel of a classier Trader Joes, with a less uppity feel of Whole Foods. They also had a great raw food section. 

Beautiful weather, the beach, great friends, and vegan meals made an awesome day in Santa Cruz.

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