Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review: San Francisco - Herbivore

San Francisco: Herbivore

Herbivore has definitely got some great reviews, so I thought I would try it when I was in San Fran. Known for their breakfast, we attempted to make it there before 2. We arrived at 2:01, and everything had been put away. A little disappointed, we ordered lunch anyway. Of course we would!

I ordered the lemon-grass noodle dish, with Thai-salad wraps for an appetizer, and my 2 friends ordered an avocado sandwich to split. I enjoyed the Thai wraps. They were nothing special, as I’m pretty sure they are the same everywhere, but the peanut sauce that they were paired with was rather good. I was not impressed with my main dish. Everything was way over peppered and over lemony, so I could hardly taste anything... not to mention the broccoli was so spicy that I could only eat one of the pieces. The only thing that differed the items in the dish was the texture, and my mouth was burning by the end. Although I am taking into account that the waitress said the pasta dishes were hit and miss, so I can't complain as I did take the risk. My friends enjoyed their sandwich though, and the side salad and fries I tasted were pretty good. For dessert, I ordered a blueberry donut, which I think is made by People’s Donuts. Either way it was really great, and a good way to end off. The service was good too. I guess I just ordered the wrong dish!
I honestly can't wait to go back here and try something else... possibly make brunch this time? It seemed like such a passionate place, that trying one of their more signature dishes is definitely on my to-do list.

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