Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review: Earthbeam/ Que seRaw seRaw

Burlingame CA: Earthbeam/ Que seRaw seRaw

Although no fancy pictures to go with this review they are most definitely worth noting.

My friend and I made it just past closing for Que seRaw seRaw, which is 4 o’clock, but the lovely owner opened it up for us anyway.

The prices were expected, since I had looked up reviews before, but I found that it was certainly worth it. The store is set up just as a pick-up area with a cooler case to select the food. The menu constantly changes, so although I wanted a raw samosa (being the samosa nut I am), it was unavailable. There were plenty of other choices, though so we managed to pick up some tasty items. My friend and I both got the Thai salad wrap, and the collard wrap, and she also ordered the nori-rolls. The Thai-salad wrap was like any other, but the sweet sauce that came with it was delicious. The collard wrap was unexpectedly sweet! It had a raw cashew mayo in it that had an amazing creamy texture, with a flavor that almost reminded me of a creamy slaw dressing. I found my friend’s nori rolls to be good too. It had a fantastic mock-tuna pate in it, which I certainly can’t wait to make at home.

Earthbeam is a natural food store right beside the raw place, and although small, this place should NOT be under estimated. It had a great selection from fruits, to frozen vegan items. We were lucky enough to grab hold of some Earth CafĂ© vegan cheesecake…. which was too good to be true. We also picked up some Terra taro chips, and their new exotic blend we were planning to have with the spinach hummus we had got at Whole Foods. The hidden treasure of this store though, hid in its fresh baked bread case. There it was… the green onion bread. Vegan, moist, full of the most fabulous onion flavours, this was by far the best bread I’ve ever had. At 4 dollars for a huge flattened baguette looking slab (which is cheaper than the Rudi’s loaf we also bought), we (aka, mostly me) devoured this delight in a mere few hours. I bought it once more before I left, and it was gone with a similar result. I could go for another one right now that’s for sure! Be sure to get one early though. They don’t get that many and they generally sell out before the afternoon.

So 2 wonderful locations, right around the corner from where I was living. Perfect!!! 

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