Friday, May 13, 2011

LA Review: The Vegan Joint

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos for this review, but I thought that I might as well do a quick write-up about it.

I met up at the Vegan Joint with some friends in the morning, so I decided that getting a vegan breakfast was the thing for me. After looking at their large menu for quite some time, I settled on the Tofu scrambled-egz and pancakes: pancakes, tofu scramble egz topped with soy bacon bits & cheese. It was ok... not the most amazing vegan dish I had eaten in LA.
My friend's kids were picky eaters, and ordered simple dishes like the quesadilla, and plain pancakes. And since again, they were picky, I ended up eating what they both ordered (that's the way I roll ;D So kind of me to offer right? ). The quesadilla was extremely plain, and the cheeze was just barely melted. The pancakes weren't anything overly awesome, but added to my breakfast.
However, although the food was mediocre, I also ordered the Thai Iced Tea.. and that was AWESOME. I could of had a few more of those.

All and all, nothing to rave about. I wish I had ordered something more intense though. The rest of their menu looks pretty good.. and I could go for a wonton soup.
It also delivers! I don't find that many purely vegan restaurants do that.

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