Saturday, May 14, 2011

Raw Update: Finishing Up Day 13

Hello all!
Yes, yes, I know, I know. I've been terrible at updating on my raw journey, if you count-out all the recipe posts. It's Friday May 13th, which means, it's day 13 of my Raw 100 day challenge!

Just a recap:
The raw challenge really interested me when I started to look into raw recipes, and how people felt who are/were on a raw diet. Because LA (and everywhere really now), is very vegan friendly, I found my self engorging in Vegan delights. Although, yes, my cholesterol was at a new low, my weight had risen. Not to say I mind this... I mean, I was happy! And I still am! But regardless of the myth, vegan food CAN BE BAD FOR YOU. I wasn't eating the non-vegan alternatives, so I wasn't sure what made the vegan version suddenly okay to eat, and not worry about any after effects.
I attempted to go raw when I went to Texas, but since my friend was getting really into becoming vegan, and wanted to know how she could make her own vegan food (and was paying for all the groceries),  it was impractical for me to ditch her needs, for my own conquests. It was when I finally got back to Vancouver, my lovely home, that I knew I would take the raw challenge. And May 1st, I started.

How it's been going:
Amazing. Honestly.
I haven't felt this good in a pretty long time. I'm much happier knowing I'm making healthier choices, and knowing I'm losing those extra pounds. I've been exercising more too, thanks to the great living amount of energy in the food. I run, or do some kind of physical activity for at least 45 minutes a day, so in the case of days like today, I can take a breather, and just sit and watch the food network.

I love food. I love making it, I love eating it, I love experiencing it.
I was excited about the challenge not just for the health benefits, but because I knew it would be a new culinary adventure. I haven't been let down! I love finding new recipes, and experimenting on my own.
My cupboard is stocked with essentials from flax and nutrional yeast, to plenty of fruits, vegetables, and berries.
Here are some pictures of the food I've made so far on the Challenge:

A lot of people, myself included, look at the raw lifestyle and think it's quite complicated. Dehydrators, juicers, food processors, spiralizers, blenders, sprouters, cheese clothes, etc, etc. I'm currently running on a food processor, blender, spiral slicer, and mandolin (which I actually haven't even used yet). I wasn't going to splurge on anything overly expensive, knowing this was only temporary. But the more I go on this challenge, the more I'm contemplating going raw indefinitely, so the juicer will come first, then eventually a dehydrator. There's an amazing Raw place in Vancouver called Gorilla food... and they make me really want to own both of the above. The crackers and cookies are endless, and so are the juice combinations.

What do I miss? Well, the vegan specialties: tofu, cereal, soy-yogurt, veg-marshmellows, bread, vegan donuts... anything I can bake vegan.. mac and cheese... well, you get my drift.
It's also really hard watching Vancouver bloom as a vegan-friendly city, as Edible Flours (the vegan bakery) AND a vegan pizza-ria have just opened. I knew I promised myself that I would go off raw for the meals I ate at vegan restaurants, but it's hard to cheat when I know I don't HAVE to, and just WANT to. I am going to make exceptions though, of course. Such as this weekend. The first time I'm going to spend a meal off raw will be at the Great Vegan Chili Cook-Off. I can't miss an experience like this for my challenge. I'm beyond excited to go.
Do I miss sugar? Desserts? I don't have to! I've made raw desserts already, and there are way too many recipes I'm dying to try. And, if I need just a touch of sweet, I eat a pitted date, grapes, or fruit.
Things I didn't realize about this diet? IT CAN BE HIGH IN FAT. I've realized that I REALLY have to watch what I'm eating. I need to focus on tons of fruits and vegetables, and scarcely use nuts like cashews, or eat tons of avocado.

On that note, next week (starting Monday) I've added an extra challenge. It's Fat-Free Raw Week! I'm going to try and limit my fat in-take.. aka no desserts with nuts.. and no raw almond-butter munching.

Phew.. that was long-winded..
But there ya go! My raw challenge, so far, in a nut shell.
I promise I'll make a video soon enough :)
Have a great weekend everyone! Stay tuned for a review on the Cook-off, and more raw recipes!
Here are some pictures of the food I've made so far on the Challenge:

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