Friday, May 13, 2011

Raw Recipe: Stuffed Peppers

I had a few red bell peppers kicking around, so I thought I'd make a filling to create a raw stuffed pepper recipe!

Raw Stuffed Peppers

Ingredients (serves 2):
3 bell peppers
9 med. white/brown mushrooms
3 sun dried tomatoes (with some oil from the container)
2 tbsp italian seasoning
1 1/2 tbsp nutrional yeast
1/2 a lemon worth of juice
(I also added in a bit of zucchini, but it was minimal, so it's optional)
salt and pepper 

Chop one pepper and mushrooms, and throw in the food processor with the remaining ingredients (except 2 left bell peppers) until creamy
Chop off the tops of the other 2 peppers, and scoop out the seeds if any remain.
Fill the peppers with the creamed mixture.
Top with sunflower seeds and serve!

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