Friday, April 8, 2011

Raw: Day 2

Well, Raw Day 2, was moderately a fail, as I didn't eat only raw all day. I'm currently staying with my friend and her family, and I can't turn away the almond milk, or vegan cereal + crackers she so generously bought me. But! She also took me shopping today, so I bought tons of fruits and vegetables, and I'm currently soaking flax seeds, as I await tomorrow!

I won't even write what I ate today.
Tomorrow is the new and better day.

Although, I have gone through a realization that raw eating can actually be rather fun! And I think this way, instead of going overnight (like I did with veganism), that going raw will take more time. I think that the moral aspects of why I went vegan are really what has allowed me to stick with it. I just physically cannot put animal products in my mouth.. but I don't feel that way at all about foods that aren't raw. I just have to grasp the idea that raw is going to cleanse me and give me better energy, and THAT'S why I should do it. This won't keep me from eating regular vegan food, but it will mean I will eat more raw.

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