Thursday, April 7, 2011

Raw: Day 1

So the first day went really great I found. I'm still eating a LOT because, well, that's what I'm used to (thanks amazing LA vegan restaurants!). But that'll soon settle down.

2 apples, 1 banana, grapes, and a bit of almonds
Baby spinach leaves, sliced mushrooms, grape tomatoes, grapes, bit of almonds, balsamic vinegar
Baby spinach leaves, apple, grapes, pistachios, raspberry blush vinegar
Sliced banana w/ all natural peanut butter, oh, and more grapes :D

1 hour of step
1 hour of taichi
2 hours of cardio

Yay! Tomorrow I get to go grocery shopping, so I'm excited to pick out some new things to change it up!

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