Monday, April 4, 2011

LA: Truly Vegan

Wow! So I was out and about, and searched "vegan" on google maps to see what was pretty close. Low and behold, Truly Vegan comes up. From the outside it's small, and has a very plain sign, BUT what a menu! It's a great little place, with amazingly reasonable prices, and their plates are HUGE! My friend ordered a great flat pan-fried noodle dish, and I ordered a scrumptious mushroom burger (which I couldn't believe was only 6 dollars). To share, we ordered the fried tofu, large brown rice plate (only $2...), veggie dumplings (which were AMAZING. Especially the sauce, which made them sweet. Doughy and delicious, HIGHLY recommend them), and we also got the spring rolls. For dessert, we got the fried banana, which was a lot different from what I was expecting. It was banana and shredded coconut in what looked like a spring roll, served with Maple Syrup. Great way to end the meal.

(Random: Also, I cooked a great stir-fry with tofu, perfectly ripe red pepper, chopped mini-carrots, and mushrooms, w/ balsamic vinegar and Vanilla Fig dipping oil, served over corn gluten-free pasta.
Dessert? Yes please! More Cookie dough. This time it was gluten-free vegan chocolate chip. Yum....)

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