Saturday, April 2, 2011

LA: Flore Deli/Restaurant + KindKreme

Another amazing day in the vegan restaurant hub of Los Angeles. After a busy morning we stopped into Flore Deli and Restaurant for a bite to eat. What a menu. I was with my non-vegan but very much loving the vegan food friend, so I let her pick what we'd share. Got the delish BBQ Bacon Slider for an appetizer, and split the grilled veggie pizza for the main course. The pizza takes a bit of time to make, so I'm glad we picked an appi to eat while we were waiting. I also ordered a side of the scrumptious tofu "egg" salad. I love ordering dishes I've missed since turning vegan, and liking them MORE this way. And this was certainly the case! They also have an incredible dessert menu. My friend got the lemon poppy cupcake, and I made the extremely wise decision to order the lemon berry cake (with strawberry buttercream icing) and holy cow. My friend and I agreed that that was the greatest piece of cake we had EVER had. The restaurant was packed, considering it's pretty small, and I'm certainly glad we went.

Later on we wanted to go get something cold, so we got recommended a vegan ice-cream place called "KindKreme". All organic, raw, and vegan (except the ones labeled "honey"). I couldn't believe the choices. I ended up (after forever deliberating) getting the banana chocolate, and the "vanilla softserve" which was almond and coconut milk with fine ground cashews. I HIGHLY recommend this place. It definitely rivaled the ice cream at Lula's.

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