Thursday, September 8, 2011

(Raw) Recipe: Tomato w/Red Pepper Hummus Wraps

They worked! Words cannot describe how happy I am right now! Easy as pie too ;)

For the wrap:
2 tomatoes
tsp agave
(cayenne pepper for a bit of a kick and a GREAT saltiness later on)

For the Hummus:
1 med zucchini
3/4 T raw tahini
1 red bell pepper
1 green onion
a bit of raw mustard
a bit of red onion

For the Filling:
I used lettuce, orange/red bell pepper, cucumber, red onion. I left out the avocado, but play around with what you like!

In a blender, mix the wrap ingredients. Pour on dehydrator sheet and dehydrate for one hour at 140, and remaining 8 hours at 110.
For the hummus, just throw all the ingredients in the food processor.
Slice up the filling ingredients.
Roll your wrap and there you go! Delish, and so easy. I can't wait to make a spinach one next!


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  1. As you probably know I am extremely excited to try these. Love the hot edge with the cayenne, but do you know how the flavour translates to saltiness after dehydration?