Friday, October 14, 2011

Review: Loving Hut Express Food Truck

  ..I can't believe I didn't find out about this sooner! My favorite American vegan chain restaurant has a food truck in Vancouver? Serving up vegan burgers and sandwichs? When the chain in the states serves up Chinese food?! Unbelievable. Right outside the Roundhouse Community Center in Yaletown, Loving Hut Express is making some delicious eats, including a Gluten-Free burger. I decided to take my mom here to try it with me, and celebrate a beautiful sunny autumn day.

I ordered the Crispy Gardein Chick'n Burger (left) , with battered zucchini sticks on the side, and my mom ordered (and I ate a bunch of) the Healthy Grill Sandwich (right). The burger was fantastic. A bit messy, but with a heaping helping of chipotle mayo on it, it was bound to be slippery! The load of ripe avocado slices didn't help either, but I hope you can tell I was far from disappointed.

I loved the sandwich as well, and I'd honestly probably order that again before the burger. The "chick'n" was moist, and the spinach gave it tons of flavour. Not too dry, and not too messy with red onion, avocado, spinach and tomato, this was a great sandwich.

I love this place, and you bet I'll be back soon. If it isn't for the food, it's to see the amazing chef outfits the cooks have on in this epic yellow vegan food truck.

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