Thursday, September 22, 2011

Raw Recipe: Chocolate Banana Crepes

My mom is always bugging me about not making her anyone of my raw creations, which although is often not true, I find it's mostly because what I make is usually a trial run. I decided to get out there and make her a grande raw vegan breakfast that I know she'd love: Chocolate Banana Crepes. I had some Thai coconut meat in the fridge just waiting, and soaking a bunch of raw organic almonds to make a butter anyway.

Ingredients (serves 1 huge, or 2 regular)

2 bananas, 1 med gala apple

Chocolate almond butter (serves 2 easily. I ended up eating the rest with a sliced apple)
1/2 banana
3/4 soaked raw almonds
touch of agave (for the smooth texture)
1 1/2 tsp raw org. cocoa powder

Coconut Cream (ohhh yeah):
meat from 1 young thai coconut
4 soaked raw almonds
touch of raw agave for consistency

Additional garnish:
1/2 sliced banana
dried coconut

Process crepe ingredients until smooth. Dehydrate for 10 hours overnight at 105 degrees
For the butter, process ingredients until smooth. Same for the coconut cream. I honestly made the cream first, and just used the food processor right after for the almond butter.
To assemble, on 1 quarter of the crepe, spread hefty amount of almond butter, and top with coconut cream. Place a few pieces of sliced banana in there.
Fold crepe into quarters and top with garnish.

My mom went CRAZY over this. Said it was one of the best breakfasts she's had in forever... and this is from someone that isn't afraid to share her honest opinion ;)

Here was my remaining almond butter with apples. Delish as well:

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