Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cleburne: Random Update

So here I am in Cleburne, TX in a beautiful house in the semi-country.
Survived a Tornado here on a couple days ago... which flew right by the house with a lightning storm like I have never seen. There's going to be another storm here on Thursday.. so let's hope it's nothing near as terrifying.

I hope to go to the Spiral Diner here (which is the closest vegan place), within the next couple of days. As for pacifying my vegan needs to try everything, there is an AMAZING nutritional grocery store here. They have so many vegan options, so I picked up some "beef" patties, some vegan salami, and some vegan corn-dogs. The salami is awesome.. beyond awesome. And although they taste good, the corn-dogs are really tough to eat. I also spoiled myself and got some vegan cookies.

I've been eating a lot of wraps and sandwiches filled lettuce, alfalfa sprout, peppers, mushrooms, mustard, and tahini. Which are awesome! I guess they weigh out the snacking to a certain degree... but not really. I've been working out, but not enough I feel. But I leave for back home British Columbia next Wednesday already so I figure I'll get all my curiosity on vegan food out here, and ween myself into a raw diet back in Vancouver.

I think that's pretty much everything on my travel updates for now!

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