Friday, November 11, 2011

Liquid Cleanse - Day Two of Fourteen

Today was a little different in terms of the cleanse. I attended my regular Thursday exercise class, and felt I had to aid my cleanse with a little raw food. I still feel like I'm detoxing, and the green juices and smoothies are definitely doing what I wished them to do - turn me back to raw. Now there's nothing I crave more! And after just one day. I'm going to continue my cleanse more like this I believe. I feel more energetic with one of my meals being actual raw food, and the other two and "snacks" being juices and smoothies. I really do feel out of my rut that I was in for the past two months already. I can't wait to continue!

So yes, I realize this isn't going to be a complete liquid only cleanse, but more of a healthy detox cleanse! I'm feeling great right now :) I think some days I'll do all liquid, and some days with a touch of food for the next 12 days. I think then it will be easier for me to stick to it, as I won't desperately crave foods I'm missing, but rather replacing them with either a juice, or an apple. The fiber is also helping the digestion cleanse as well which I'm happy with!

More to come as the weeks progress!

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