Sunday, September 4, 2011

(Raw) Recipe: Eggplant Summer Salad

As summer is winding down, I've been stuffing myself with fruit. So, thus the lack of remotely complicated recipes. So I came up with this! Mmmm... it was delicious. An Eggplant Summer Salad, which although has a bunch of instructions, was actually generally simple.

Bottom layer: Organic Mixed Greens
First Layer: Cut Cucumbers
Second Layer: Chopped orange bell pepper, and chopped red onion, soaked in lemon juice
Sauce: Cauliflower Tomato Sauce (cauliflower mixture below, tomatoes, agave, org. rice vinegar, water
           (cauliflower dipped in mustard, tamari, miso, nooch, and tumeric)
Topping 1: Kale chips (kale, and cauliflower dip mixture)
Topping 2: Eggplant Bacon (eggplant, tamari)

In the morning, I dipped the eggplant in tamari, and laid out the slices on a dehydrator sheet. On a mesh sheet, I dipped the cauliflower and kale in the "cauliflower mixture". I dehydrated both sheets at 110 for about 10 hours.
To make the Cauliflower Tomato Sauce, I put the dehydrated cauliflower, and remaining ingredients in the food processor, along with some dill weed.
Layer the salad levels, crumb the kale, and you're set!! Enjoy!

Oh, summer.

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